Month: January 2022

Yes, the Oceans are Warming

When the subject of climate change comes up, it’s natural to begin thinking about the places where you live, the places you know and whether they’re heating up, whether they’re changing. Or whether they’re experiencing unusual, bad or problematic weather. This is a normal… Continue Reading “Yes, the Oceans are Warming”

Today is National Bird Day

Originally posted on Enjoy the Outdoors. Love the Planet.:
It surely is and so I’m offering my favorite bird photo of the last ten years. I took the banner photo back in 2016 at Trimble Park in Orange County, Florida. It was a keeper…

In 2022, I’d like to…

In this New Year, I’d like to spend more time editing photos. And I will. I’ve gotten a tad lazy with photos lately and I can and will step up my game. It’s customary for us to take stock of our lives each year… Continue Reading “In 2022, I’d like to…”