Month: October 2018

Let’s Celebrate! Catnip for everyone!

I’m happy to let you know that today is National Cat Day! I’m a long-time admirer and lover of cats. And although I don’t have one sharing my life now, I’ve been exploring ways to get a cat back into the picture for some… Continue Reading “Let’s Celebrate! Catnip for everyone!”

Sheldon is New at the Zoo!

There are three fine zoos within easy driving distance of my part of Florida. I love them all. The Brevard Zoo in Melbourne is a real pleasure. I’ve spent many hours there checking out the wildlife and I’ve done the zip line, too. A… Continue Reading “Sheldon is New at the Zoo!”

Deer in the Enchanted Forest

That seemed like a catchy title, so I went with it! Alas, there are no actual deer in this forest. Let me explain… I did a photo feature in mid-September about a little oasis of tranquility close to my neighborhood and about 200 yards… Continue Reading “Deer in the Enchanted Forest”

Don’t Worry, Bee Happy!

If you read much news and you’re pay attention to anything relating to ecology, no doubt you’ve heard that bees are not having such an easy time these days. It’s not so easy to be a bee, trying to live, thrive and survive! So… Continue Reading “Don’t Worry, Bee Happy!”