Month: March 2018

Tabasco HQ is in deep trouble!

I keep one eye open for important stories about worsening climate change. There’s certainly no shortage of those these days. This article is about one spot where the results of warming and the accompanying rise in sea levels is affecting the heart of Cajun… Continue Reading “Tabasco HQ is in deep trouble!”

Photo of a random ship

I know what you’re thinking! What a lame title for a blog posting! Okay. You got me… But somehow, it seems to fit. This just might have been one of my worst photo sessions at the beach. Ever! But somehow, I like this pic.… Continue Reading “Photo of a random ship”

The Beach–Good News and Bad News

Made my escape today and got to the beach a bit late. A little after 4 this afternoon. The good news is that I was at the beach! The bad news is that it was cold. And really windy. The wind has not been… Continue Reading “The Beach–Good News and Bad News”

Happy First Day of Spring!

Today is the day that winter gives way to spring and we get to see nature waking from her slumber! Of course, it’s been like spring here in Florida for all but a few days for quite a while, but I’m not going to… Continue Reading “Happy First Day of Spring!”

What’s Bulldog to do when he can’t get away for a camping trip?

I’ll tell you what he does! He cruises over to one of his fave city parks here in Central Florida and fires up the grill. Sometimes he does the full monte breakfast; it’s always fun to fire up that two burner camp stove. There… Continue Reading “What’s Bulldog to do when he can’t get away for a camping trip?”

Dreams of a winter’s day in F-L-A

Sometimes when I come back from an outing, it takes me a while to adjust to my thoroughly-mundane existence again. Just living somewhere. Somewhere with a few walls, indoor plumbing and a roof. It takes me a while before I can stifle the feeling… Continue Reading “Dreams of a winter’s day in F-L-A”

Full Moon over Tosohatchee WMA

Last night there was a lovely full moon illuminating my camp site. I don’t think I can truly describe what it was like. The magnificent moon shadows took my breath away; I was spellbound. Last night was extraordinary for another reason. My youngest turned… Continue Reading “Full Moon over Tosohatchee WMA”

This photo is awfully good!

This was just moments after the one I put with the previous post. It comes from a good-sized creek in Tosohatchee that I had not seen until this trip. I should find that map and tell you guys the name of the creek, but… Continue Reading “This photo is awfully good!”

Could you ever camp and not…

Could you ever, ever go camping and not bring your camera along? Well, you could. But for me, it just wouldn’t be the same. The banner photo this time is the pic that just might be my fave from the trip. I took close… Continue Reading “Could you ever camp and not…”

This time at Tosohatchee, Bulldog…

This time, I got to stay a while! Three days and two nights, so a bit longer than the quickies I’ve had at the Tosohatchee Wildlife Management Area so far. I had a blast. Leaving most of the clothes I had planned to bring… Continue Reading “This time at Tosohatchee, Bulldog…”