Month: June 2016

Tragedy Strikes a Family at Disney World

On Tuesday, June 14th, two year old Lane Graves was wading in ankle-deep water at Disney’s flagship resort, The Grand Floridian, when he was attacked and dragged under by an alligator. Although his father was close by and tried to keep young Lane from… Continue Reading “Tragedy Strikes a Family at Disney World”

June 12th: The Pulse Massacre and its Aftermath

When Islamic extremist and first-class hater, Omar Mateen, walked into the Pulse nightclub in Orlando’s Sodo district he was carrying a variant of the AR-15 assault rifle and a 9mm semiautomatic handgun. And a smart phone. With the two weapons he murdered 49 club… Continue Reading “June 12th: The Pulse Massacre and its Aftermath”

The Death of Singer Christina Grimmie

Rising star Christina Grimmie made a name for herself after her run on NBC’s The Voice back in 2014, though she was not a new performer at that time by any means. Her murder at The Plaza Live was shocking and although she was… Continue Reading “The Death of Singer Christina Grimmie”

Orlando’s very, very tragic week

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve no doubt heard about the incredibly tragic events here in Orlando over the last week. There’s been non-stop coverage of all three events, not by local media only, but the big boys have been all over… Continue Reading “Orlando’s very, very tragic week”

Bulldog Ben blows bad, blue notes

Have enjoyed singin’ and playin’ the blues here in Central Florida for the last 21 years. Not quite as active these days, but have some good plans lined up for the short-term future. To see my music page on the world-wide web and sample… Continue Reading “Bulldog Ben blows bad, blue notes”

Bulldog Ben is a shutterbug and goes to the Beach a lot

One of my fave themes when shooting on the shore: Sea Gulls. They’re cool and you never have to get them to sign a damn photo release!

Bulldog Ben is a shutterbug and does a selfie now and then

Here’s a photo I took of Ol’ Bulldog back in 2003 with my first digital camera. It could hold 48 pix in memory. Had a lot of fun photo shopping it. I enjoy playing tricks with light and shadow. One more photo to come… Continue Reading “Bulldog Ben is a shutterbug and does a selfie now and then”

Bulldog Ben is a shutterbug and a musician

I’ve been a performer for most of my life. Been playing and singing the blues here in Central Florida for the last 21 years. Some folk and jazz thrown in for flava. The harmonica is my instrument. Not only do I play it well,… Continue Reading “Bulldog Ben is a shutterbug and a musician”

Bulldog Ben is a shutterbug

I truly do love amateur photography. Not ready to have my stuff in a gallery, but I’m pretty good at it. Just a photo or three. Some of my work I like best. Got very lucky on this one. Cocoa Beach on an overcast… Continue Reading “Bulldog Ben is a shutterbug”

It’s exactly Midnight, Monday is upon us, and…

As far back as I can remember, I’ve had a hell of a time falling asleep when the last few moments of the weekend slip away. Yes, that seam between the weekend and that dreaded new work-week. Gets me every time. I’ve tried many… Continue Reading “It’s exactly Midnight, Monday is upon us, and…”