Got my B.A. in English Lit and History quite a while back and pay attention to a wide range of issues in American life. That may be an understatement. Bulldog is often heard barking about these kinds of topics:

  • Florida Living and Travel
  • Camping and Outdoor Activities
  • Florida Beaches
  • Amateur Photography
  • Restaurants and Food
  • Politics
  • Sports
  • Environmental Issues
  • Spirituality

And anything else that suits my fancy! That other stuff around here is thrown together under the category of Grab Bag!

As far as music is concerned, I’ve been performing Blues music on and off for the last two decades, so I write about music, mostly Jazz, Blues and acoustic stuff we used to call Folk but is often called Americana these days, a more broad, inclusive term. To see my music page, including streaming audio featuring four cuts from my 1997 CD, click on this.

I write about food and restaurants as I’m a retired server from Disney and know my way around the kitchen. Like my Dad, I truly enjoy cooking. Almost as much as I enjoy the eating! I have a special fondness for Chinese and Indian cuisine. And barbecue. I’m a lapsed vegetarian who still thinks highly of that way of eating but can’t stay away from good ‘cue! What can a poor dog do?

I also speak Sports! Am fluent in that language! Love softball especially; and that other flavor played by dudes… Baseball, I think it’s called! And I do follow American Football as well.

As far as my interest in religion and spirituality, I went half-way through seminary as a younger man and have come to be very spiritually open but disdainful of authoritarian religions. Happy as a Unitarian Universalist with Buddhist leanings. I do try to follow the teachings of Jesus but let me note with some irony that the religious folk who profess Christianity the loudest often betray the clear teachings of Jesus to an astonishing degree in the way they live their daily lives.

I’ve had a long second career in training, in the transportation field, to be specific. I know a lot about the cab business and cab drivers, having spent seven years on the road and having trained over three thousand men and women in the fine art of cab driving in my nine years on the administrative side. I specialize in training drivers to serve the needs of disabled guests.

Let me emphasize that the opinions you read here are strictly my own and NOT those of any present or former employers or wives! For real!

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