Month: June 2018

Lori Wilson Park might be…

My fave park in Cocoa Beach is Lori Wilson Park, adjoining the beach. Right off A1A. And it just might be the the best spot in the very cool town of Cocoa Beach for outdoor freaks like me. There are plenty of things to… Continue Reading “Lori Wilson Park might be…”

Paul McCartney and James Corden…

There are several pretty good late night shows happening these days. I’m big on Late Night with Stephen Colbert. I like Seth Meyers, too. I’ve enjoyed the little I’ve seen of James Corden who, as you may know, follows Colbert on CBS. I don’t… Continue Reading “Paul McCartney and James Corden…”

Farmhouse Rules is my new fave…

Loving the little “discovery” I made today! I’ve been enjoying several of the cooking shows on Create TV for a while. So many good ones; one I enjoy quite a bit is America’s Test Kitchen. I love that the dishes featured on that show… Continue Reading “Farmhouse Rules is my new fave…”

Peter Pelican is cruising north

When I get to the beach with that camera in my hand, I see a lot of gulls. They’re featured very prominently on this blog. I don’t get pelicans that often. They’re faster than gulls and tend to dive-bomb a lot, so getting good… Continue Reading “Peter Pelican is cruising north”

Best Photo Never Seen

It just could be! I looked through several folders of outdoor pix today in an effort to find the best photo which I had not featured on this blog before. That’s sometimes a pretty daunting task. The lovely pic that caught your eye when… Continue Reading “Best Photo Never Seen”

A Sad Reminder About Nature

Those of you who’ve read this blog much know what a total tree-hugging nature nut I am. No doubt, you love Mother Nature as much as I do. Having said that, the natural world with all its awe-inspiring beauty and diversity is like anything… Continue Reading “A Sad Reminder About Nature”

One quick beach vignette

Just as I was leaving the beach, I noticed this couple spreading out their beach blanket. Getting ready to stake their claim to one tiny sliver of sand on the Florida shore. I thought it would make for a decent photograph. I hope you… Continue Reading “One quick beach vignette”

Crowded Beach, Serene Beachscape

I made it out to the beach yesterday and, yes, it was just a bit crowded! But, it’s June in Florida, so that’s just how that works! When beachgoers are almost on top of each other, it’s not my fave time to head for… Continue Reading “Crowded Beach, Serene Beachscape”

Honey, I forgot to duck!

…said Ben never! But enough silliness! Some of you may remember when that somewhat unusual phrase was uttered by Ronald Reagan back in the early ’80s. I’ve never said that, because when I’m around waterfowl of any variety, I whip out the camera and… Continue Reading “Honey, I forgot to duck!”