Month: March 2020

Heroes Are on Their Way

There’s no doubt that the healthcare catastrophe the world is facing now generates almost unlimited bad news. Like so many of us, when I read or hear good news, it’s a real ray of sunshine piercing through what seems like an impenetrably dark cloud.… Continue Reading “Heroes Are on Their Way”

From the Wildlife File: a Happy Ending in Florida!

As you no doubt know, I’m a passionate environmentalist and advocate for wildlife. And because we’re in such dire straits right now as we continue to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic, I was quite happy to get a bit of nature news in my… Continue Reading “From the Wildlife File: a Happy Ending in Florida!”

Is there anything better?

Yeah, it’s not a rhetorical question. There’s not. Nothing. Nothing at all. There’s nothing better than hanging out on the pool deck on a beautiful Spring day like this. See ya! I’m logging off so I can devote the entire afternoon to doing nothing… Continue Reading “Is there anything better?”

Return to Moss Park

A couple of months ago I spent a very pleasant part of a winter’s day at Moss Park. This gem is about 4 miles from Orlando Int’l Airport and features amazing scenery and camping, among other things. I always love making a trip and… Continue Reading “Return to Moss Park”

Coronavirus, the risks of comparison and a Silver Lining

It’s natural that when we have a new threat–talking about the Coronavirus–that we compare it to something we already know about. But the Coronavirus is very different from the flu that we’re all very familiar with. Different in several important ways. This article will… Continue Reading “Coronavirus, the risks of comparison and a Silver Lining”

Fort Christmas Follow Up

On February 9th, I put up a brief post with a few photos about my January visit to Fort Christmas Park, a “hidden gem” within the Orange County (Florida) parks system. When you visit any park, you’d expect to find some rec facilities, picnic… Continue Reading “Fort Christmas Follow Up”

A word from Florida’s FWC with Spring on the way

Each year around this time, wildlife obey Nature’s directive to shift back into high gear. And each year, our Fish and Wildlife Commission here in the Sunshine State puts out info so the public can be “springtime savvy” as far as helping critters of… Continue Reading “A word from Florida’s FWC with Spring on the way”