Month: December 2017

My Heart Was Smacked Around Tonight by Joni and Jane!

Note from Ben: I haven’t had a lot to say about music here on da bulldog blog in my first two years, but being a musician and a big-time music lover, it’s a huge thing in my life. So I’m going to have more… Continue Reading “My Heart Was Smacked Around Tonight by Joni and Jane!”

Of Girls and Gulls

When I get to the beach, taking photos is a big part of the day. For me, it’s quite possibly the biggest part of any trip to the shore. When the camera comes out, there are usually plenty of possible subjects around. Seagulls are… Continue Reading “Of Girls and Gulls”

So Where Did 2017 Go?

It’s a given that the farther we are along life’s path, the more time appears to accelerate. I’m thinking that most of this is a matter of perception. But it still comes as a bit of a shock that we’re in the waning moments… Continue Reading “So Where Did 2017 Go?”

A Christmas Morning Wish for Everyone

Originally posted on Enjoy the Outdoors. Love the Planet.:
I wish all of you a wonderful Christmas. This piece of mine was originally posted on Christmas Day, 2007 on another site.  A Christmas wish for everyone today… This has been a challenging year for…

Bulldog Is NOT On a Disney Cruise Line Ship, but He Just…

He just caught one passing by on his latest beach outing! Full of happy cruisers of all ages, no doubt! Wonder where Mickey and Minnie’s cabin is on this one! I have to be frank and say this outing was awful as far as… Continue Reading “Bulldog Is NOT On a Disney Cruise Line Ship, but He Just…”

Bulldog’s Christmas Wish Is a Return to Trimble Park

Visiting parks and natural sites, with or without camping, is one way Americans like to spend the holidays. I throw my lot with my fellows who’re into such things. I’m very much hoping to spend at least a part of the week between Christmas… Continue Reading “Bulldog’s Christmas Wish Is a Return to Trimble Park”

Is It Mandatory for Democrats with Money to be Selfish Pricks?

Another post about politics! Two things triggered Ol’ Bulldog on this one. The first was the passing of the Repug tax scam, oh I mean tax reform, of course, and the second was a comment on social media about how rich lawmakers who are… Continue Reading “Is It Mandatory for Democrats with Money to be Selfish Pricks?”

Fish and Wildlife Commission Sets Aside a New Conservation Area

Our FWC here in Florida is always engaged in doing things to protect wildlife and make it easier for Floridians to learn about and enjoy it. In fact, to me, our Fish and Wildlife Commission is just about the only arm of state government… Continue Reading “Fish and Wildlife Commission Sets Aside a New Conservation Area”

Turkey Lake Park is a Peaceful Place

I did enjoy my second outing to Turkey Lake Park. I returned from that relaxing two day visit last Tuesday. By the way, there is no “Turkey Lake Park”, strictly speaking. The official name is Bill Frederick Park at Turkey Lake, but since I… Continue Reading “Turkey Lake Park is a Peaceful Place”

The Logan Act and tRump Transition Team Treachery

In the aftermath of the Michael Flynn plea deal, there’s a lot of confusion out there about whether Flynn and other members of the tRump transition team violated any laws, the Logan Act specifically, if all their misdeeds with the Russians happened after the… Continue Reading “The Logan Act and tRump Transition Team Treachery”