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Today is National Bird Day

Originally posted on Enjoy the Outdoors. Love the Planet.:
It surely is and so I’m offering my favorite bird photo of the last ten years. I took the banner photo back in 2016 at Trimble Park in Orange County, Florida. It was a keeper…

Solving Life’s Little Mysteries

Sometimes in life, you find yourself trying to make sense of something and yet the mystery defies your attempts to explain it. I’m always putting together theories to explain such things, and sometimes those theories are spectacularly wrong. Or very incomplete. I was in… Continue Reading “Solving Life’s Little Mysteries”

June 12th: The Pulse Massacre and its Aftermath

Originally posted on Enjoy the Outdoors. Love the Planet.:
When Islamic extremist and first-class hater, Omar Mateen, walked into the Pulse nightclub in Orlando’s Sodo district he was carrying a variant of the AR-15 assault rifle and a 9mm semiautomatic handgun. And a smart…

The Juice of the Sacred Bean

This puppy loves coffee! My Mom got me hooked on black coffee when I was only twelve. I’ve always believed it was good for me. Studies that show that the juice of the sacred bean can be a boon for one’s health are not hard to… Continue Reading “The Juice of the Sacred Bean”

Can we talk about gender roles on Valentine’s Day?

Let’s talk about gender roles. About those roles and how they’ve changed in the last generation or two… I’ve typified that whole list of Alpha Male characteristics all my life but the truth is, I’ve been on a journey over the last several years to drop… Continue Reading “Can we talk about gender roles on Valentine’s Day?”

Fave Fotos: Places That Aren’t There Anymore

Originally posted on Enjoy the Outdoors. Love the Planet.:
In a posting back on June 19th, I featured the well-known local spot Yellow Dog Eats in one of my reviews. I like the place. A lot. Unique Eatery in Gotha is how the header begins, if…

A Medieval Haiku for you!

  Serfs and Magistrate chase the mad King through the castle all summer long     Photo credit: Ben is not the owner of this cool graphic! He stole it just as surely as the Tangerine Tyrant stole his office! © 2018 Ben Lawrence… Continue Reading “A Medieval Haiku for you!”

The forecast calls for chill

Somewhere along the line, someone decreed that today would be “National Relaxation Day!” I’m down with that! And it’s a perfect time to pass along my sincere wish that you have an amazing and low-stress day! This happens to be a regular day off… Continue Reading “The forecast calls for chill”

Paul McCartney and James Corden…

There are several pretty good late night shows happening these days. I’m big on Late Night with Stephen Colbert. I like Seth Meyers, too. I’ve enjoyed the little I’ve seen of James Corden who, as you may know, follows Colbert on CBS. I don’t… Continue Reading “Paul McCartney and James Corden…”

It’s National Solitaire Day!

Yes, May 22nd really, truly is National Solitaire Day! I love that old-school game and so here are some thoughts on the subject! I think I played my first hand around the age of fourteen or so. I can’t even remember who taught me… Continue Reading “It’s National Solitaire Day!”