Month: July 2018

Help for the Eastern Indigo Snake

One of Florida’s iconic snakes, the Eastern Indigo has been having a tough time in the last little while. The problems are familiar and are not so easily remedied in a time where it seems like every square inch of habitat in Florida has… Continue Reading “Help for the Eastern Indigo Snake”

Happy Moon Day 2018, Folks!

Yes, it is National Moon Day today. We observe it on July 20th each year because Neil Armstrong first walk on the Moon’s surface on this date back in 1969. And, yes, I do remember exactly what I was doing on the day! I… Continue Reading “Happy Moon Day 2018, Folks!”

Quick beach trip, two photos

I did make a quick beach excursion yesterday and took about 60 shots. It was cloudy and rained intermittently. That was good in that it kept the crowds from getting out of hand, which is a thing here in Florida all throughout the summer.… Continue Reading “Quick beach trip, two photos”

Trey Gowdy changes his tune

Just moments ago, I saw a snippet of Face The Nation on CBS. Margaret Brennan’s guest was none other than Trey Gowdy, the father of the Benghazi investigation and the poster boy for outrageous GOP obstructionist behavior with respect to the Mueller investigation. The main thrust… Continue Reading “Trey Gowdy changes his tune”

France defeats Croatia 4-2 in World Cup Final

If you’re a soccer fan, you just may have heard, but the French bested Croatia 4-2 this afternoon and are the new World Champs! Il n’y a aucune plus grande gloire dans le monde sportif! Vive La France! I’m not a fanatical soccer fan,… Continue Reading “France defeats Croatia 4-2 in World Cup Final”

Family on My Mind. Love you, Dad.

Cancer is a terrible disease. Today is the day my Dad, Joe Basile, would be turning 95 if cancer had not struck him down in 2007. As all sons do, I think about Dad a lot. He’s always on my mind especially when July… Continue Reading “Family on My Mind. Love you, Dad.”

National Fried Chicken Day is…

This auspicious day is the perfect occasion for me to reflect on the importance of regularly consuming vast quantities of… well, of fried chicken, of course! One of life’s mysteries which I cannot explain is that I’ve loved fried chicken for as long as… Continue Reading “National Fried Chicken Day is…”

It’s the 4th of July and this time…

It’s the 4th of July and this time our celebration is not like any other year in the 242 year history of our country. The buffoon whose elevation to the highest office in the land occurred in January of 2017 has proved to be… Continue Reading “It’s the 4th of July and this time…”