Month: April 2019

A Step Toward Sustainability

There’s so much to like about springtime. And April just might be my favorite month. Well, this April is really special, especially for those of us who are environmentally-conscious and are rooting for our planet while she is being brutalized by modern industry and… Continue Reading “A Step Toward Sustainability”

Today is National Arbor Day

More trees, please! Many folks and environmentally-focused organizations will be out planting trees today. I would love to be among them, but another evening at work is going to be my fate today. I think it’s a very good thing that there is a… Continue Reading “Today is National Arbor Day”

Easter Haiku

A Most Blessed and Joyous Easter to you and yours this morning!

Celebrating Earth Day 2019

As many of you probably know, Earth Day falls on April 22nd each year. But it’s being celebrated in many communities today simply because it’s a Saturday and it’s much easier to get folks out on a weekend. I’m in Central Florida and the… Continue Reading “Celebrating Earth Day 2019”

About Sports and Photography

This blog is mostly about awesome outdoor activities and Nature pix. Many of you know that Bulldog here is a major sports nut, too. And when I get good shots of a sporting event, they just might end up here. It’s all outdoor photography,… Continue Reading “About Sports and Photography”

Lady Karma Visits the Poacher

I caught wind of this somewhat unusual story coming out South Africa last week. I didn’t post about it at the time because is sounded like one of those stories that may or may not have happened but are put out there mostly to… Continue Reading “Lady Karma Visits the Poacher”

Time to walk the Beach

Sometimes you just want to walk up and down the beach. Not necessarily on a prime beach day, either. Sometime you’ve just got to take your luck, head that way and get out in it! That’s what this pensive fellow has done in this… Continue Reading “Time to walk the Beach”

Ban on Arctic Drilling Restored

It created quite an outcry when the trump Administration overturned an Obama-era ban on most drilling in the Arctic. The Executive Order lifting the ban was signed back in April of 2017. The League of Conservation Voters believed that that executive order could not… Continue Reading “Ban on Arctic Drilling Restored”

First Cali, now New York

Some of you may know that California was the first of the 50 States to ban single-use plastic shopping bags. That happened back in August of 2014. New York is about to become the second to do it. Of course, some members of the… Continue Reading “First Cali, now New York”