One small way to help our oceans

I got my license plate today for my “new” used car. I’ve gotten quite a few specialty tags here in Florida in years past, they’re pretty common. I’m quite pleased with this new one.

I’ve wanted for years to get a specialized plate that shows my support for beaches, natural spaces or trees and such.

It was hard to make a final choice but I went with the “Protect Our Oceans” tag. I’m loving it! The additional fee for that one goes to the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation; Guy is also the artist who designed the plate, as he’s an accomplished artist and illustrator in addition to being one of our most visible advocates for caring for our oceans.

If you’re here in Florida you can get specialized plates and support any one of many nonprofits. Quite a few of them are focused on the environment. Another choice: you can show your school spirit for the Florida University that you attended or support. We have more specialty tags here than any other State. The series honoring our Nation’s veterans are very much in demand.

To me, my new plate was certainly worth a few extra dollars.

Don’t be surprised if you pass a black PT Cruiser with the tag you see in the banner photo anytime soon heading towards Cocoa Beach or Clearwater! Or any one of a thousand different natural spots and beaches that you can find all over the Sunshine State!

“Beachdog Ben” Basile

© 2022 Ben Lawrence Basile
Photo credit Ben Lawrence Basile

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