Month: August 2020

Today is National Beach Day

It is National Beach Day today and I’m heading out in a few hours to get in on the party! If you’re anywhere near the coast–any coast–I hope you’ll get some sand in your shoes today. That’s my plan exactly! The banner photo is… Continue Reading “Today is National Beach Day”

Remembering Stevie Ray

How incredible was Stevie Ray anyway? It does get me to thinking each year when the anniversary date of Stevie’s passing rolls around again… He was such a Monster of a player, and such a wonderful human being as well. I suppose that’s why… Continue Reading “Remembering Stevie Ray”

Time to go visit your Mother

Joan and I spent two lovely days at Trimble Park back in January. It’s one of our favorite camping spots in Central Florida. It was about two months before so many things–including parks and outdoor venues of many kinds–began to close down because of… Continue Reading “Time to go visit your Mother”

The Glaciers of Greenland are

The glaciers of Greenland are retreating at a frightening pace. One of the sad illusions to which many of us cling tightly is that humanity will eventually “get it” and we’ll get off our collective ass and finally act. That may or may not… Continue Reading “The Glaciers of Greenland are”

It’s International Blues Day

It’s a good thing to see this day come around each year. I love the Blues. I play the Blues. I enthusiastically promote the Blues. If you’d like to have a look at the site to promote this auspicious day, just follow this link.… Continue Reading “It’s International Blues Day”