Month: March 2019

What Does the EPA Do?

If you’re familiar with this blog at all, you know that environmental issues are a very big deal to me. If you care about our planet, no doubt you’ve made sure that the way you go about living your life reflects that attitude of… Continue Reading “What Does the EPA Do?”

Today is Common Courtesy Day!

Yes, it is! So I wanted to put up this quick post and invite my vast readership to be really, really courteous today. What?! You’re already doing that, 365 days a year? Me, too! So, here’s my fall-back plan: if you see anyone acting… Continue Reading “Today is Common Courtesy Day!”

DeSantis, Environmental Hero?

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is a big-time supporter of Donald trump. That was the cornerstone of his primary campaign when he was in a serious fight with fellow conservative and Florida Ag Commissioner Adam Putnam to get the nomination on the Republican side. You… Continue Reading “DeSantis, Environmental Hero?”

Co-existing with Wildlife

If you’re wondering how to co-exist with wildlife in a humane way, getting some tips from professionals would most certainly be a good thing. The information found on this site could be very helpful. Especially if you live in a rural area or even… Continue Reading “Co-existing with Wildlife”

In Praise of Blossoming Trees

This post of mine first appeared back on July 5, 2016. I’m running it again today because of the beautiful Tabebuia I saw in someone’s yard last week. That fabulous tree is pictured in the photo at the bottom.   There are few things… Continue Reading “In Praise of Blossoming Trees”

The Environment: The Good News and the Bad News

It may sound like the lead-in to a joke, but that cliche does perfectly sum up where we are right now with the environment. Where we are as far as taking actions which are desperately needed today, to be more precise. The situation is… Continue Reading “The Environment: The Good News and the Bad News”