Month: April 2018

Passing along some amazing pix

As anyone who’s read my blog knows, I really love sharing good photos with folks who come around. Wanting to share good photographic work is, by far, the biggest motivator for me when I’m putting together a new post. Usually it’s my work. Today… Continue Reading “Passing along some amazing pix”

Haiku one day too late

The star-crossed haiku coming the day after is no haiku at all   National Haiku Day falls on April 17th each year. That, of course, was yesterday. If Ben thinks this lame attempt atones for missing thee day, he is sadly mistaken.    

I love cornbread too much!

Back in mid-January I posted about making scratch cornbread. It truly is something I enjoy. A lot. Strange as it my seem, I think I enjoy the baking as much as the eating. I did it again. And I’m posting about it again. And… Continue Reading “I love cornbread too much!”

It’s National Grilled Cheese Day!

Yes, it is! And in honor of the occasion, I am most definitely going to have a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch. With Cheddar, of course. Might even throw in some sliced tomato. We’ll see… Celebrate something today. And eat a grilled cheese samich!… Continue Reading “It’s National Grilled Cheese Day!”

Another Triumphant Trimble Trip!

I just can’t get enough of Trimble Park. As you may remember, it’s a very nice park right where Orange and Lake counties meet. Although it’s actually in the very small Orange county town of Tangerine, that tiny hamlet does not deliver mail, so… Continue Reading “Another Triumphant Trimble Trip!”

Why I really love libraries!

Here’s the short list of why I really love libraries! Libraries are a place to borrow books on almost every conceivable subject and digital media of any kind–including, but not limited to–CD’s, DVD’s and instructional media on a wide variety of subjects and areas… Continue Reading “Why I really love libraries!”

Hoppy Easter to my friends!

I have just a couple of thoughts for you early on this Easter morning. The first is that I wish all my friends who commemorate this day a most joyous Easter! If this holiday has little or no meaning for you as a religious… Continue Reading “Hoppy Easter to my friends!”