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Walt Disney’s Birthday

Some happy news: today is the birthday of Walt Disney. For me–and for so many others–that is, indeed, a cause for celebration. The world is a better place for Walt having come along. A mere 118 years ago, I might add. It’s also true… Continue Reading “Walt Disney’s Birthday”

Guess where I’m going right now

Yeah, going to Disney World! Going to my Happy Place! The banner photo is one of mine that I like especially. Many of you will recognize that it’s of the Haunted Mansion. I mostly used it just because I like the way it turned… Continue Reading “Guess where I’m going right now”

Driving, Recruiting, Training: A Taxi Career in a Changing Industry

It was 1999 when I first got into the taxi business. I drove for a mid-sized company here in Central Florida. If you’re from around here, you’d no doubt recognize the name. The training was bad. Well, there was none. It’s not the easiest… Continue Reading “Driving, Recruiting, Training: A Taxi Career in a Changing Industry”

Harp god James Cotton turns 81 today!

July 1, 2016 Blues harmonica legend James Cotton turns 81 today. James is the real deal, having grown up in Mississippi under the tutelage of Sonny Boy Williamson. James ran away from home at the age of seven and was deeply immersed in the… Continue Reading “Harp god James Cotton turns 81 today!”

Tragedy Strikes a Family at Disney World

On Tuesday, June 14th, two year old Lane Graves was wading in ankle-deep water at Disney’s flagship resort, The Grand Floridian, when he was attacked and dragged under by an alligator. Although his father was close by and tried to keep young Lane from… Continue Reading “Tragedy Strikes a Family at Disney World”

June 12th: The Pulse Massacre and its Aftermath

When Islamic extremist and first-class hater, Omar Mateen, walked into the Pulse nightclub in Orlando’s Sodo district he was carrying a variant of the AR-15 assault rifle and a 9mm semiautomatic handgun. And a smart phone. With the two weapons he murdered 49 club… Continue Reading “June 12th: The Pulse Massacre and its Aftermath”