Month: May 2018

It’s National Solitaire Day!

Yes, May 22nd really, truly is National Solitaire Day! I love that old-school game and so here are some thoughts on the subject! I think I played my first hand around the age of fourteen or so. I can’t even remember who taught me… Continue Reading “It’s National Solitaire Day!”

Downey Park revisited

I had a little idle time this afternoon and started thinking about how I’ve had few opps to get out of the house lately. It wasn’t a good feeling. I started looking through some of the folders for pix on my hard drive and… Continue Reading “Downey Park revisited”

The Invasion of the Mermaids!

While i was at work Thursday evening, I noticed that a guest was checking out two of the Mermaids found on one of our displays in the store. Then I noticed that the guest was sporting a mermaid tattoo on her left arm. I… Continue Reading “The Invasion of the Mermaids!”

National Love a Tree Day!

Well, that’s what day it is! I’m feeling like they made one of those cool “National Days” just for me! I love trees. I worship trees! No, I do! I’m just so tickled that this day does, in fact, exist! If it didn’t, I’d… Continue Reading “National Love a Tree Day!”

Reflections on Mothers Day

I do want to wish a most Happy Mothers Day to any Moms who read this humble blog post! Here’s hoping your day is wonderful in every way. My own mother passed about four years ago. She was a good mother, loved the three… Continue Reading “Reflections on Mothers Day”

A grim milestone for Earth

The Scripps Institution of Oceanography is one of many scientific bodies that monitor CO2 levels on our planet and they noted in the last few days that we’ve crossed an alarming threshold. After examining the data for the month of April, they’re announcing that… Continue Reading “A grim milestone for Earth”