Can’t beat Keke’s Breakfast Cafe in the morning

Another Keke's has opened. Life is good!
Another Keke’s has opened. Life is good!

I just learned that the Keke’s we had been teased about has finally opened up. I now no longer have to trek to the Dr. Phillips area to have their amazing chow. Not that it’s all that far, not for the Mac-Daddy of all breakfast joints.

Here’s my review of that other location; it’s quite possible that I’ve patronized them for the last time. I’ll be stopping in at the one around the corner within the week.

KeKe’s is a chain of breakfast restaurants, there are several in Central Florida. As I’ve always loved breakfast-only joints. I stopped at the KeKe’s in the Dr. Phillips district of Orlando a few Saturdays ago. It was a breakfast I won’t soon forget.

Before I get into the meat of the review, so to speak, let me warn you that if you visit the KeKe’s in your neck of the woods, you’re almost certain to wait for a while. And although I really hate to wait, it’s a truism that the better a restaurant is, the more likely you are to be sitting for a while holding one of those annoying, vibrating beeper devices. I opted to wait.

My standard breakfast order is two eggs over-easy, sausage patties and home fries. I went that route with my server and discovered that their home fries come about a dozen different ways. I had her load mine with just about everything, in much the same way we often do with a baked potato.

When my order arrived, I was amazed at the serving of taters, onions, bacon and cheddar cheese that took up about half my plate. It was a ridiculous serving of jacked-up Home-Fries and I ate every bite. If my Doctor had seen the size of that portion she would have had me shot at sunrise; a mere scolding and more lab work would not have been sufficient. As far as that other breakfast essential is concerned, my over-easy eggs were perfect, without those despised “crispy” edges. To me, crispy is just plain burnt. There was simply nothing to not like about my order.

There were many families and couples at Keke’s. I may well have been the only patron “flying solo” on that bright Saturday morning, so I know they’ll accommodate your bunch, regardless of sizes, ages or how many come along.

Let me sum it up: Find a Keke’s near you. Bring your appetite, bring your kids and be prepared to wait. And tell your cardiologist that you ordered the oatmeal.

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