Unique Eatery in Gotha with Fine Food and a Funky Feel.

I made my second visit to Yellow Dog Eats recently and loved it just as much as I did that first time! I’ve said in reviews of other places how much I like restaurants and bars that have a unique style and it’s true. Let me tell you that Y.D.E. takes “unique” to a whole new level.

And the food is top-shelf. This time I tried their jack-up pulled pork wrap called the Fire Pig. It’s done with pecan-smoked bacon, Gouda cheese, slaw and their home-made sauce in a wrap; it’s really tasty. A lot of their seating is on the patio out back, you’ve got to see it to really appreciate it. It’s fully sheltered from the elements and not quite like any other patio I’ve seen at other eateries. There is a stage adjoining the patio where live music is featured Thursday through Sunday from 6 to 9; just one more thing to like about Yellow Dog Eats.

The beer selection is good and the staff is friendly. It’s the kind of joint where you place your order up front, then find your table. One of the crew will find you when your chow is ready.

Speaking of beers, they have one of my faves, La Fin du Monde. Don’t ask what it means, but, by all means, try it! If you don’t care for the hearty taste and never order it again, it won’t be the end of the world! Sorry, couldn’t resist! If you passed French class in High School, that last crack just might bring a smile to your face…

If you want something different, a place that features cool ambience, unique dishes conceived and crafted right there combined with good service and live entertainment, Yellow Dog Eats is your place. Gotha is a small town just south of Winter Garden and west of the Metro West development. There is ample parking across Hemphill Ave and they’re open 7 days a week from 11am to 9pm. I’m heading back soon; so much good food and so little time!

To view their web site and their unique menu offerings follow this link

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