Ready Or Not!

You may or may not have read the previous post. It was about my experience in the taxi industry, both as a driver, and, in recent years, a crew member on the admin side where I recruit and train new drivers. Going into a lot of detail about the company I work for and the big changes in our industry led me to put together a separate post on how I personally respond to life’s changes. Here goes…

When it comes to the subject of change, I often don’t do it very well. Generally, the bigger the changes are, the more I resist. I’m quite sure that in the years I have left, there will be many, many more changes coming, whether they’re about career stuff or anything else.

Knowing this tends to stir up a wide range of emotions for me. My first thoughts tend to be anger and frustration; anger that the universe is throwing way too much change at me (my perception) and frustration that I don’t seem to have the tools and skills I need to successfully adapt. That’s how I’m wired. I don’t think it’s going to change. What I’ve learned in the last few years is that when I make myself move past those initial, not-very-helpful reactions, I’m capable of dealing with almost anything.

Let me enlarge on that a bit: I’ve found that after moving through several very big changes in the last ten years, if I focus in a conscious and purposeful way,  I can get in front of the changes and move with them. Getting dragged, kicking and screaming, into one’s future is not a successful strategy, to say the least. So I drag my feet considerably less than I have throughout most of my life. And, being the dinosaur that I am, I’m content that I’ve learned a lesson or two and made some progress with this sort of thing. I certainly haven’t perfected this skill but I’m ever-conscious of the importance of doing so.

Embracing change is such a big deal for us in the 21st Century. The change I’ve got to deal with at this precise moment is to change from blogging mode to make lunch mode. In this case, I’m more than willing to embrace change. <Flashes a grin while reaching for the smoked turkey and rye bread!>


A footnote here: One catalyst for embracing change for me was that cute and concise story-book Who Moved My Cheese? If you’d like to check that out or get re-acquainted with it, click here.

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