Watching Baseball on a Sunday Night

I think it’s true that watching baseball on a Sunday night is an excellent way to spend the last few hours of a summer-time weekend.

Got the Giants and the Diamondbacks on the tube right now. Giants are up 2-0 in the bottom of the fifth. Whoa, now the Giants have runners on second and third. Two outs. This one has been a good contest, looks like it’s going to get better.

That Sunday night transition is never easy for me. Getting from weekend mode back into work mode is a transition. Not sure exactly why, but it’s a huge and somewhat difficult transition for me to make, even though it comes up on a very routine basis, to state the obvious. (And, yes, I’ve posted on that subject before.)

And right now, a good baseball game is helping me ease into that very different “back to work” mode. I’ll take it.

Well, the D-backs just got the third out, so those two SF base runners have been stranded. I wanted to see a little more offense, but oh well. Four innings remain. Should be some fireworks left.

This long-time Yankees fan has got to switch from full baseball mode to baseball and dinner-making mode. Almost 10:00 PM and I do still need to eat. But watching 18 guys knock a hardball around a diamond, with 30,000 fans cheering them on, is a cool way to spend the weekend’s waning moments. About dinner… Hot dogs, maybe?

Side note: another post is coming about my love of sports in general. My interests are quite wide-ranging, and sports is one of the big ones.


Photo credit: “Bulldog Ben” Basile 2016


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