Donald Trump Cartoons from US News

The internet is chock-full of cartoons on any topic you can imagine and there is no shortage of cartoons about “Don the Con”. Meaning Donald Trump, of course.

The offerings here on the site for U.S. News are good. And they’re Bulldog Approved. Have a look if you’re so inclined.

Unfortunately, Mr. Trump’s real life antics are not so funny. Put me on the list of people who could never understand how so many Americans were giving him a pass on all the bizarre “stuff” he was spouting; it now seems that there are limits to this license and he’s exceeded those limits many times in the last couple of weeks.

He’s tanking in the polls so quickly that many among his loyal followers can’t believe it. Poor Donald. Looks less and less likely that the Big, Angry Cheeto is going to be taking up residence in the White House in January. What a pity.

Some cartoons. Knock yourselves out.

“Bulldog Ben” Basile

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