A Visit to Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa

Had a really good time at Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa today. As many of you know, I really love zoos. Tampa has a good one in Lowry Park.

This too-cute cub is about six months old. She’s just adorable and had something she wanted to say in this frame. Not sure exactly what, but I love the photo.

And then, ducks. This is a pic I’m happy to pass along. They’re having a fine time doing what ducks do. I had a great time capturing the moment.


The folks who designed the exhibitions at Lowry Park did a great job. The whole place is so visually interesting. I suppose you could say that about any zoo. But they carried it off better than any zoo I can think of. Here’s a photo that, I hope, conveys what I mean about that; it features no critters, just highlights how fine a job the zoo folk did in planning and executing a design at this fine park.



There are so many great things to do here in Florida when you want to get outdoors. If you’d like to see a first-class zoo right here in the Sunshine State, plan a visit to Tampa’s zoological park. You’ll be glad you did.


To have a look at their home page on the world wide web, just follow this link.


A passionate lover of zoos, I am,

“Bulldog Ben” Basile


Photo credit Benjamin Lawrence Basile

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