It’s June 1st and I Have No Idea How We Got Here

It’s a given that the farther we are along life’s path, the more time appears to accelerate. I’m thinking that most of this is a matter of perception. But it still blows ol’ Bulldog’s mind that June 1st is here.

How did we get here so quickly? How is it that 2017 is hurtling by at warp speed? Where does the time go? Where has my life gone?

I know I’m not the lone ranger here; lots of folks who, like me, have survived for six decades or better get into this psychological space with regularity. But still, my head is whirling around and it truly seems like something is terribly wrong in the universe.

I’ll get over it. I’ll most likely be in this space again, though, as we get close to the end of this year. When those year-in-review things begin, I always feel like I’m on some inner precipice, staring into the abyss of time and feeling like I’ll fall over the edge at any moment.

I suppose one strategy to deal with this is to live one’s life in such a way as to make the most of each fleeting moment. And to prioritize our lives so that we spend the most of those finite moments doing the things that matter most. I get it. Doing that each day does not come easily for me, but that is the goal.

Meanwhile, I’d be so grateful if the Chronos and his minions would please, please, oh please just slow the whole damn thing down just a wee bit. Please!

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