Florida Gators Take First Ever College World Series Title

The Gators have won plenty of National Championships over the years in many sports. In fact, they’re better at doing that than any other University in the Country. (In the the post World War II Era, mens’ and womens’ sports, that is.)

Last night they finally did it baseball, the last of the big three team sports for the boys from G-ville. The final score was 6-1 last night but it was a very close contest until the bottom of the eighth.

I was able to catch the whole series; it was well worth watching. The Sunshine State’s favorite swamp creatures bested LSU, taking the first two of a three game series. LSU had six CWS titles going into 2017, but a seventh was just not happening as the Gators were playing very, very good baseball in the tourney and were not to be denied that first-ever title.

The Gators softball program had two CWS of Softball titles going into this year’s campaign and came ever-so-close to gleaning a third before being thwarted two weeks ago by the Oklahoma squad. The Gators boys just made that disappointment much easier to bear.

I’m thinking that the bayous are full of cajuns, tigers and even some Louisiana gators –small g — who feel like they’ve had something stolen from them. I’m not jumping into THAT one today, but I can tell you one thing that the Gators had stolen from them in the last 24 hours… That would be the fine foto which adorns this posting you’re reading. Yeah, it’s a really good pic. No, it’s not one of mine. But I like it. Thank you, University of Florida Sports Information Department.

To read a brief write-up about the series and especially last night’s decisive game two, just follow this link.


“Bulldog Ben” Basile



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