Yes, It’s Good to Re-purpose Stuff!

Here’s a posting that doesn’t fit into any of my usual topics, but it’s the kind of thing bloggers write about a lot: re-purposing common stuff. This is my absolute fave…

I’ve discovered that a used Altoids tin is perfect for holding your earbuds. Absolutely perfect. I’ve been using two of them for that for a couple of years now. And Lord knows that their actual mints are a great product, so I’ve got several of those cool little boxes doing this or that in their “second careers!”

As a write this, I’m thinking that holding your loose earbuds just may be the best possible use for one! Holding buttons in your sewing kit would be my runner-up…

I hope this modest posting on the first day of August finds you well. Life in Central Florida’s not so bad today; the sun is actually shining right now! Great to get a break from that nasty, squally weather we’ve had almost daily for what seems like weeks!

Cleaning out my car and getting a blog posting up were the only two tasks on my list today and so I’m good. Tonight, watching the free Tuesday Night Baseball game on Twitter is the only thing I have planned. So at this moment, I’m relishing the feeling that I had one day this week without anything truly urgent to do. Tomorrow a couple of large tasks await, and so that’s a whole ‘nother thing, as the saying goes…


Blogging and takin’ life easy today, I am,


“Bulldog Ben” Basile


Photo credit Benjamin Lawrence Basile



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