You’ve GOT to Love Libraries, Folks!

Bulldog loves libraries. Has his whole life.

If you’re reading this and you have a library card, good on you.

If you don’t, today could be your day! It just so happens that September is “National Get a Library Card Month” and I can point the way.

Folks who, like me, reside in Orange County can follow this handy link. The fine folks at the Orange Co. Library System will be happy to hook you up!

Happy reading. And viewing. And enjoying the educational and life-enriching activities available only through our public libraries.


Long-time library lover, I am,

Bulldog Ben Basile


Photo credit Benjamin Lawrence Basile


2 Comments on “You’ve GOT to Love Libraries, Folks!

  1. Yay for libraries!! You know we love them too. I suppose the same folks without library cards don’t contribute to their 401k plans….they just miss great stuff and don’t even know about how great it is.

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  2. Not at all surprised that you guys are fans of libraries too! They are a unique resource and one of the few places where I always feel welcome and comfortable. And where that “courteous, efficient and well-trained staffer” really is there to meet my every (library) need! Tax money very well spent, indeed!


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