Bulldog’s Journey Towards Rustic, Sustainable Living

Bulldog’s deep, dark secret: I have a huge interest in greener, simpler living and have wanted to live in a rustic setting for many years. Would go off grid tomorrow if I had all my preps made.

For some reason I haven’t had too much to say about that here on my blog. I’ve done something in the last 24 hours that will help me escape my typical suburban life and get closer to bringing to reality this long-held dream. I’ve launched a new twitter account focused like a laser on the stuff I think about a hundred times a day but rarely ever talk about: sustainability, rustic or off grid living, homesteading, micro farming and the like! Throw in home brewing, raising chickens, and on and on!

I could go on about why I’ve mostly kept all of this locked up in my over-worked brain but that truly would be fodder for another post. The important thing is that the foot-dragging is over and I’m on my way to making this thing real.

Now as far as how a new twitter account is an important first step, it’s true I’ve been on Twitter for a very long time. But my main focus there is political stuff. And I’m thinking that the folks I’ve linked up with on twitter about politics and so on may or may not be into my love for going green and living in a 340 sq ft shack in the woods! So it seemed like a new and separate account in the Twitterverse was the way to go. (Not kosher with Twitter’s TOS, but we’ll ignore that for the moment!)

If you’re on twitter and you’d like to “hook up” over green stuff and rustic/small living, would love to see you on that platform. Click on this next link and you’ll land on my teensie-tiny little home in the vast wilderness of twitter! Or anytime you’re on twitter, just search @sustainable4me and you’ll also find me. Would love to see you over there!

I will have a lot more to say about these very cool–and very trendy–subjects here on my blog in the near future. Because of my limited financial means I’ve been acting as though I’d never actually be able to make any of those hopes and dreams real. And I’m going to stop letting such baleful thoughts “drive the bus!” Whether I get my life arranged the way I’d like or not remains to be seen. But I damn sure would never get it done if I waited until I could concoct some perfect effin plan in my head! I know it doesn’t work like that so I’m off on that journey!

“Bulldog Ben” Basile

© 2017 Ben Lawrence Basile

Photo credit Benjamin Lawrence Basile

Photo description: that’s the Florida Cracker Cabin found at the Barberville Pioneer Settlement in Barberville, Florida. B’ville is about 25 mins north of Deland.

5 Comments on “Bulldog’s Journey Towards Rustic, Sustainable Living

    • Thank you! Two dreamers, one dream. Judging from what I’ve seen on the ‘net since I decided to stop the foot dragging, we’ve got LOTS of company! That’s a cool thing…


  1. We actually moved out to a little homestead because we were going to go broke living in town! We lived in a college town, so housing costs were through the roof! At the time, there was a serious tax credit for first-time buyers, which we were. Plus, since it was an ag property, it qualified for USDA assistance. Our mortgage on 10 acres is less than half our rent in town. Our home is modest, and rather tight with all 7 of us and the dogs, ha! But it’s home. Our kids will grow up knowing how to get their hands dirty! We raise all of our meat and most of our vegetables. Our fruit trees aren’t cooperating yet. The simple life is the life for us! Good for you…and good luck!


  2. Great plans, Ben!
    You are right, one will never reach a goal if one does not even take a first step (and then another one and then another one).
    My husband and I currently have extremely limited finances and are surely not anywhere near going totally off grid but there are some things that we are practising which could serve as in-between-steps to get closer to such a goal. (Like, for example, finding more and more ways to prep our own food from scratch.)
    Wishing you and inspired and enjoyable journey to the off-grid-realms!
    Much Love,

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