Bulldog Barks in This Quick Product Review

Today’s subject is Liqueurs; and I’m dead-set on doing something I almost never do!

Telling everyone I know to avoid a product at all cost!

Please know that I am deadly serious when I say “do not drink this stuff! Don’t ever, ever drink O’Donnell’s Irish Cream!”

I thought it would be a lower priced Bailey’s Irish Cream sort of product, but it’s just awful!

Tastes like soap! Really! Safeguard, if you must know.

If you’re thinking of opting for this nasty stuff because of price, call me! I’ll come over with a bottle of tried-and-true Bailey’s and everything will be fine!

My takeaway: for some things, you just gotta stick with the original!



“Bulldog Ben” Basile

Photo credit Benjamin Lawrence Basile

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