No Trip to the Beach for YOU!

For the last two days, I’ve had the feeling that the Universe is screaming that message to me.

I don’t like it!

So I’m pouting. Big time.

One of the things I do to help me cope when I’m dying to get away but can’t is to look back over some photos of trips past.

I actually does help. A little.

So the Featured foto is one I like. Seeing it is not the same as being at the shore and listening to the waves coming in.

But it helps.

If you need to get away, if you’re fed up with seeing the same four walls, just do it.

Sneak out if you have to.

Call out from work if there’s no other way.

Make it happen.



Longing mightily for the shore, I am,

“Bulldog Ben” Basile


Photo credit Ben Lawrence Basile





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