Photo of a random ship

I know what you’re thinking! What a lame title for a blog posting!

Okay. You got me…

But somehow, it seems to fit.

This just might have been one of my worst photo sessions at the beach. Ever! But somehow, I like this pic.

I can’t get a really sharp focus on ships on the horizon with my Canon Powershot. That’s not a knock, I do like this camera.

But it has auto focus and that, of course, has its limitations.

I’m not the very best model of a photographer. Or a human being, for that matter. But for all my limitations, I’m still doing the job!

It’s true I’m out of warranty, but I most definitely should not be boxed up and sent back to the manufacturer!

So, here’s an imperfect pic that I still somehow find appealing.

Give it some love, people!


“Bulldog Ben” Basile


Photo credit Ben Lawrence Basile



2 Comments on “Photo of a random ship

  1. I like it Ben.
    Reminds me of old Howard Pease (?) books from when I was a kid….they were old when I was young.

    Liked by 1 person

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