Reflections on Mothers Day

I do want to wish a most Happy Mothers Day to any Moms who read this humble blog post! Here’s hoping your day is wonderful in every way.

My own mother passed about four years ago. She was a good mother, loved the three of us with her whole heart. Like all moms–and all fathers, too, of course–she had her issues and shortcomings, but she was a tender and loving soul and we never doubted that she loved us intensely. Much love to you today, Lois Marie Basile!

Having that intense and unconditional love is a great blessing in life and I’m acutely aware that not everyone enjoys that blessing on this day of celebration.

If you’re a Mom, I truly do wish you the very best today. Keep loving those kids–of any age–in that crazy, over-the-top way that Moms do; they need it!

If you’re celebrating with your Mom, get all in with it! She deserves it.

For those of you who may have serious issues with your parents–maybe with your Mom–I sincerely hope it can be made better. Do all you can to try to make that happen.

If it’s a situation of complete estrangement, I grieve with you. You have my best wishes, too. I mean that.

For those of you who–like me–don’t have your Mom anymore, I hope you find strong comfort today in remembering her love. Pass some of that around.

Every day of the year.



Ben Lawrence Basile


© 2018 Ben Lawrence Basile


Photo credit Ben Lawrence Basile




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