Let’s Celebrate! Catnip for everyone!

I’m happy to let you know that today is National Cat Day!

I’m a long-time admirer and lover of cats. And although I don’t have one sharing my life now, I’ve been exploring ways to get a cat back into the picture for some time.

The main reason this day was declared is to highlight the need to adopt cats all over our feline-loving nation. That job goes on every day of the year, of course, but focusing on that today would be a very good thing indeed.

If you’d like to visit a site that’s all about giving a forever home to one of our furry friends, here’s a link to adoptapet.com where you can learn more, see some very cute specimens of felinity and even get the wheels turning if you’re ready.

And if you’re not familiar with AdoptaPet.com, they are the largest non-profit agency in America devoted to adopting homeless cats and dogs.

Enjoy National Cat Day! And if you’re already sharing your life with Whiskers, Tigger or Smokey, give ’em an extra ear-scratchin’ for me, would you?



Cat-fancier “Bulldog Ben” Basile


Featured photo of Riley B. Kitty by Benjamin Basile




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