Co-existing with Wildlife

If you’re wondering how to co-exist with wildlife in a humane way, getting some tips from professionals would most certainly be a good thing.

The information found on this site could be very helpful. Especially if you live in a rural area or even if you have more than a few trees around your home in a mostly suburban location.

There are so many helpful tips on the site for small-ish critters, up to and including deer.

In the part of Florida where I live, bears love to raid trash cans and climb trees in sometimes large and up-scale neighborhoods. It’s become a pretty common thing.

Many people believe that this situation is one reason why the State of Florida green-lighted bear hunting again back in 2015. The hunting resumed the following year.

I am against bear hunting under any conditions but the article avaliable from the above link shows that the new regulations here in Florida are very seriously flawed even if you were in favor of the resumption.

If people who live near bear habitats were more bear-savvy, this unfortunate situation could possibly be improved. For tips on co-existing with bears specifically, follow this link.

Bulldog Ben Basile


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3 Comments on “Co-existing with Wildlife

  1. I’ve camped at both Ocala and Osceola but I did not know there were bears (Black Bears) in Florida. Quite a few thousand it would appear. My own ignorance to blame.

    It does not seem right to hunt such fine animals but I’m guessing numbers have increased because humans have allowed them access to food sources and they’re now encroaching on populated areas?

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    • Thanks for coming over again and leaving a comment. I do appreciate it!

      I guess you could say the bears are encroaching on our turf. And we most certainly are gobbling up their habitats. That’s what’s making this such a big deal. I don’t think it will end well for the bears…

      Did you camp at Silver Springs State Park? I love that place. Want to get to the Ocala Nat’l Forest soon as well. Driven through a tiny corner of it but haven’t camped there…

      Thanks again for coming over!


  2. Yep, they’re encroaching cos we’re encroaching – we’ve got the bulldozers after all!

    Camped at Alexander Springs, Ocala and Ocean Pond, Osceola. It was a cicada year, iirc. Noisy as hell! Odd that they have 13 and 17-year cycles. Have they realised the benefits of prime numbers as a means of survival!


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