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Today is National Beach Day

It is National Beach Day today and I’m heading out in a few hours to get in on the party! If you’re anywhere near the coast–any coast–I hope you’ll get some sand in your shoes today. That’s my plan exactly! The banner photo is… Continue Reading “Today is National Beach Day”

Fave Fotos: A Florida Beach in May

Sometimes I take a photo I like so well that it can be good material for a post all by itself. The banner photo is one of those. It’s from a trip we made about two weeks ago. It was just when beaches became… Continue Reading “Fave Fotos: A Florida Beach in May”

Back to Canaveral National Seashore Yesterday

Had a ball yesterday at the National Park that’s the closest to me. Yes, that would be Canaveral National Seashore near Titusville, Florida. This laid-back sea-side experience is by far the best way to enjoy a trip to the beach. To me, at least!… Continue Reading “Back to Canaveral National Seashore Yesterday”

Peter Pelican is cruising north

When I get to the beach with that camera in my hand, I see a lot of gulls. They’re featured very prominently on this blog. I don’t get pelicans that often. They’re faster than gulls and tend to dive-bomb a lot, so getting good… Continue Reading “Peter Pelican is cruising north”

The Beach–Good News and Bad News

Made my escape today and got to the beach a bit late. A little after 4 this afternoon. The good news is that I was at the beach! The bad news is that it was cold. And really windy. The wind has not been… Continue Reading “The Beach–Good News and Bad News”

Good Beach Outing with Lots of Pix

I had a really nice trip to Cocoa Beach recently and have quite a few pix I’m happy with. The next major thing for the blog is to get some of my photos from that hike at the Tosohatchee Wildlife Management area. That’s still… Continue Reading “Good Beach Outing with Lots of Pix”

Bulldog Is NOT On a Disney Cruise Line Ship, but He Just…

He just caught one passing by on his latest beach outing! Full of happy cruisers of all ages, no doubt! Wonder where Mickey and Minnie’s cabin is on this one! I have to be frank and say this outing was awful as far as… Continue Reading “Bulldog Is NOT On a Disney Cruise Line Ship, but He Just…”

My Second Visit to Long Point Camp and Friction Farm!

I got back into town six days ago after my return to Long Point Camp in Melbourne Beach. Had a very nice time but didn’t blog about it until now as I’m right in the middle of a move. Moving is just about my… Continue Reading “My Second Visit to Long Point Camp and Friction Farm!”

Fave Fotos – Pete the Pelican Makes a Star Appearance at Melbourne Beach Wednesday

Had a very nice time at Long Point Camp down at the very southern tip of Brevard County. Great campground, I’ll be headed back that way before too long. The only thing I did off the site was hang out for a while at… Continue Reading “Fave Fotos – Pete the Pelican Makes a Star Appearance at Melbourne Beach Wednesday”

Final Fave Foto: Meet My New Gull Friend

Ol’ Bulldog here has been known as the Gull Whisperer for a while now. I’m often amazed at how well they pose for me, and — as I’ve noted before on this blog — you never have to get them to sign a photo… Continue Reading “Final Fave Foto: Meet My New Gull Friend”