Return to Lake Louisa

It was last week when I had another chance to pitch my tent at Florida’s Lake Louisa State Park. I had a blast.

My girlfriend and I had camped there twice before and we’ve made three day visits there to take advantage of the lovely beach in the Park. Joan was on a road trip with her daughter and I opted to camp solo this time, something I’ve done a jillion times and always love.

I wouldn’t say that it’s my fave in the Florida State Park system, but it is first-rate and has another not-to-be-discounted advantage for this outdoor nut: it’s really close to home.

L.L.S.P. is just outside the City of Clermont in Central Florida, close to where Lake and Polk counties meet. Although it offers many fabulous things to do, outside of camping, it’s the actual lakefront beach on Lake Louisa that I like best. A photo of the beach from our day visit in early May is right here:

There are many other options for outdoor lovers who’d like to check out this prime spot in the Central Florida region: Glamping in the Park’s pre-set up luxury tents with AC as well as what they’re calling eco-camping in a separate primitive section closer to the stables. (No hook-ups there; only porta-johns provided).

The two main loops which provide over fifty spaces to accommodate RV’s and tents–with full hook up’s–have access to excellent rest rooms and showers, as well as laundry. That’s standard in the Florida State Parks system.

Equestrian and true primitive camping can be found in a section away from the main camping areas, closer to the beach at Lake Louisa.

Love the outdoors but not really into roughing it? There’s a whole separate complex of cabins for those who aren’t into RV’s or tents located a little closer to the Park entrance. The cabins are well-suited for large families or groups of all kinds.

There are also extensive hiking trails–many from which to choose. I’ve observed that these are popular with day visitors. There are three other lakes in the park besides Lake Louisa and other amenities as well. The rates for the horseback riding are reasonable and are one of the offerings you can take advantage of that you won’t find at most of our Parks here in the Sunshine State.

So whether your next outdoor adventure is in this part of the world or some other, make sure you do in fact get off the couch and get outdoors! You’ll be glad you did!

“Bulldog Ben” Basile

© 2022 Ben Lawrence Basile

Photo credit Ben Lawrence Basile

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