A Taste of Florida

A friend and I had occasion to visit A Taste of Florida in Lake Alfred this week and we’re glad we stopped in. The food was fresh and delicious, the wait at peak lunch time wasn’t bad and the uber-Florida ambience there was totally charming.

My friend had the Chicken Salad Sandwich, I opted for the Florida Club. Both were fabulous and we topped it off with their yummy Strawberry Shortcake, with the luscious berries direct from Plant City. We took it with the cake, not the biscuit, of course! The way it should be!

All silly strawberry snobbery aside, the place is first-rate and authentic to boot. I’ve lived in Florida for over 60 years and I know the real thing when I see it. And when I taste it.

I recommend A Taste of Florida without reservation. The pleasant staff, the fresh and tasty menu and the charming setting all make this eatery a perfect choice for you anytime you’re in Lake Alfred or anywhere in the heart of Polk County.

“Bulldog Ben” Basile

© 2022 Ben Lawrence Basile
Photo credit Ben Lawrence Basile

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