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Friday Fine Fotos

Our Friday Fine Foto for this week was taken at Downey Park in east Orange County a little while ago. This picture never fails to transport my Nature-deprived being back to a place where the beauty of our Natural World can be seen, felt… Continue Reading “Friday Fine Fotos”

What’s Bulldog to do when he can’t get away for a camping trip?

I’ll tell you what he does! He cruises over to one of his fave city parks here in Central Florida and fires up the grill. Sometimes he does the full monte breakfast; it’s always fun to fire up that two burner camp stove. There… Continue Reading “What’s Bulldog to do when he can’t get away for a camping trip?”

Visited Downey Park in the Union Park Neighborhood Today

One of the nicest spots on Orlando’s east side is Downey Park. It’s off Dean Road and can be seen from East Colonial Drive, a major artery in the O’do metro area. You get a great view of the park if you’re headed east… Continue Reading “Visited Downey Park in the Union Park Neighborhood Today”