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News about the Florida Park System

I am on email lists for a lot of different thing relating to outdoor stuff. I use parks in many systems and love getting the news and updates that come around pretty often. I was happy to hear two days ago that the folks… Continue Reading “News about the Florida Park System”

A Quick Look Back Over Some…

I did want to take a quick look back over some of the outdoor fun I had this year. Although I would have loved to have had even more outdoor fun, I had plenty of it in 2019. Less than I’d like but undoubtedly… Continue Reading “A Quick Look Back Over Some…”

Wekiwa Springs in November

My traveling companion and I made a trip to Wekiwa Springs earlier this month. It was a great trip and we enjoyed it immensely. She had not seen it before; had not seen any of our fabulous State Parks here in the Sunshine State… Continue Reading “Wekiwa Springs in November”

Bulldog’s Fave Florida State Park Just Reopened!

As many of you may know, many of our state parks here in Florida were closed after Hurricane Irma passed through. The state has been reopening them a few at a time and I’m on the list of state park lovers to be notified… Continue Reading “Bulldog’s Fave Florida State Park Just Reopened!”

Fave Fotos: hitherto unpublished pix from Wekiwa Springs State Park

Never did get these up here on my blog. It’s time. These are from my second trip to Wekiva Springs State Park this year. Some of these, I think, show my best work. Not sure why I waited so long to get them up… Continue Reading “Fave Fotos: hitherto unpublished pix from Wekiwa Springs State Park”