Costal Carolina takes the 2016 College World Series

Mr. Bulldog here is a serious sports fan, though I haven’t had a lot to say about sports on da bulldog blog up to this point. I follow football, baseball and softball quite closely. Mostly because I’ve played and–at times–coached those sports and they’re the most fun to watch. In my view, anyway. I follow college sports closely and the pros as well. Like many others who have an opinion on the subject, I do feel that sports on the college level represent sport in a more pure state. However, it’s also true that the pros are better. They truly do sit at the top of the proverbial food chain. Spoiled brats though they be…

Now to my main topic, I did see most of this year’s College World Series of Baseball and loved every moment of it. Was pulling for the Oklahoma State Cowboys this time around, and they got pretty deep before being eliminated by Arizona.

Coastal Carolina took all the marbles in a thrilling three game series after they and Arizona sent the other very good teams packing. I tuned in when the Regionals began, saw most of the Super-Regional games and missed very little of the series itself. The vexing thing is that I couldn’t see the third and decisive game, as the folks in charge changed to a 1 PM  start time because of weather issues in Omaha. Although most of the guys in my office are serious sports fans, watching a ball game on Company time  wouldn’t fly!

So, Coastal took that third game by a score of 4-3 and it was a barn-burner! Chanticleer slugger G.K. Young went deep–make that really deep–in the sixth inning, Coastal’s pitching and defense were solid and the result was C.C.U. winning it all in their first trip to Omaha. Carolina coach Gary Gilmore is practically a legend among NCAA baseball fans, though few who aren’t into the sport have a clue who he is. His star shines more brightly now, to say the least.

Great video wrap-up here of that third, decisive game from the official site for the 2016 College World Series; it’s well worth a look.

This was a great feel-good story for sports fans this year, especially ones from South Carolina, Coastal supporters/Alums in particular. This MLB season has had some great moments, and looks very promising as we get a little closer to the post season. But it was one hell of a year for hardball at the college level.

In closing, let me say that I thought that ESPN’s coverage was very, very good. Those guys are the  pros and no other sports net can touch ’em.

Simultaneously smacking his glove and searching for the remote, Bulldog says: “Put me in, coach!”



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