Very Good Experience at the Days Inn in Melbourne

I booked the Days Inn in Melbourne recently. To be honest, it was 15 minutes away from my objective. That would be Cocoa Beach, my frequent weekend getaway. Rates for beach front hotels in the middle of summer are crazy. So I decided to try going just a bit down the road and try a more affordable way to go; that strategy worked well for me this time around.

Some of you may have read my previous blog entry about the Red Roof Inn near Busch Gardens in Tampa. That was a hellish experience from start to finish. But my stay last week at the Days Inn in Melbourne has restored my faith, so to speak, as far as choosing moderately-priced hotels when traveling.

There was nothing to not like about the accommodations. A clean and comfy room, of more than ample size and no issues with noise and such. The wifi was down when I first tried to log on. I called the front desk, they apologized and told me that the tech folk were working on it. When I tried again, all was well and I had many hours on problem-free web surfing.

Something that has been a problem for me in other bargain-priced hotels is not having the cable channel line up in the room. They did here, the remote was sitting on top of it. It may seem like a little thing, but it’s something I always notice. I have found so many other places where there’s an HBO guide but no channel line up. A real pet-peeve, good to see that these folks take care of the little things.

I asked them to trade out my wet towels for new ones pretty late-ish, around 9 PM and a staff member was at my door in about ten minutes with fresh towels. That’s good service.

The continental breakfast was better than most and the crew actually kept it very well stocked. I know because I came down near the end of the stated serving time. Another plus, even if it also seems like a little thing. I’ve been to plenty of places where if you’re not there at the time they throw down the chow, you’ll have to settle for one of those tiny muffins and a glass of watered-down orange juice. And the coffee was very good. And hot. Yay!

What I liked best about my stay was that all three of my personal interactions with staff were unabashedly positive and weren’t rushed or cursory. I don’t take it well when hotel staff seem to be trying mightily to get those guest interactions done as quickly as possible without the tiniest bit of a personal touch; that did not happen at the Days Inn. They were pleasant and unhurried and treated me like a valued customer and guest. Because I don’t experience that very often, it meant a lot to me. I highly recommend the Days Inn in Melbourne and will be staying there again without a doubt.

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