Ruby Tuesday on University Blvd has amazing…

Yes, Ruby Tuesday has amazing brussels sprouts. But that’s just one reason to visit.

I stopped in at the location on University Blvd not long ago after watching the Knights play softball. The game went well and so did the post-game dinner.

An amazing salad bar is one of the things for which R.T. is well-known. I almost never pass on that; it’s a good compliment for just about anything on their menu. The variety is quite impressive; it’s one of the reasons that Ruby Tuesday in on my “A List” as far as chain eateries are concerned.

On this evening, I thought I’d try the Buffalo Sliders; imagine Krystal Burgers but with medallions of Buffalo-style chicken instead of ground beef. I liked ’em. May do that again.

Now about those brussels sprouts.

Not sure I can do justice to this unique and delectable dish, but here goes: brussels sprouts, topped with cheese and bread crumbs, with way too much butter and finished under the broiler. I loved it. I really like brussels sprouts. And even if you don’t, you’d like these. I promise.

In addition to serving stuff my taste buds have never been lucky enough to sample, the service at this location was good. When dining solo, I generally take a seat at the bar. The bartender took good care of me, I loved my dinner and the beer selection; there was live baseball and ESPN Sports Center on the flat screens. What more could you ask for?

This location of Ruby Tuesday can be found at 11401 University Blvd in Orlando.

2 Comments on “Ruby Tuesday on University Blvd has amazing…

  1. Krystal burgers! Ahh, a favorite weakness of mine :). Or used to be, back before I lost all my intestines and could still eat actual food. Seven years later, I still miss and crave, daily, Krystal burgers, Burger King cheeseburgers, french fries, hot dogs on the grill, all Italian food, and cheesesteak subs. Apparently my brain still craves them and so tortures me daily, lol


    • Cravings. Don’t like cravings. Hang in there.

      By the way, I do appreciate you stopping by and commenting. Very cool that my first friend to come over is such a skilled writer. That and the Ruby/Ruby Tuesday angle is making me smile…


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