Hillary Makes History

July 26, 2016

There I was, in my living room, TV tray and all, watching Hillary make history. My bachelor’s feast of hot dogs–all beef, of course–and chips was well-suited for the occasion. My party–the Democratic Party of the United States–had just nominated Hillary Clinton to face Donald Drumpf in November. And although it’s true that Hill and Bill are actually one-percenters, they well understand that we cannot move forward with corporations and their buddies in the upper brackets always getting the lion’s share of everything.

There’s so much to like about Hillary and about the Democratic platform in this election. One of the planks of the platform that I am 100% behind is the move to do something about the Citizens United SCOTUS decision. That’s got to happen. Getting the money–dark money, in particular–out of American politics should be priority one. So there I was, parked in front of the tube with my working man’s dinner, watching my fellow Dems officially nominate Hillary to run.

It was a watershed moment; it’s not about the first woman President as much as it is about ordinary Americans having a leader who will have their back. Yes, I know Mrs. Clinton has had a cozy relationship with Wall Street. But what was true about Barack Obama is true of her as well; they’re not leaving for work each day with their brown bag lunch, but they “get” working people and will fight to make sure they’re not left behind.

Of course, getting anything accomplished that actually benefits working people will not be easy. It’s that Mission Impossible kind of stuff, particularly when you consider how hard Republican pols work to thwart any move that would benefit the 99%. It’s not hard to see how thoroughly-committed they are to tilting the proverbial playing field. Their steadfast opposition to raising the Federal minimum wage is a case in point. That certainly could be the subject of another post. But not tonight…

Continuing on this path of funneling all the good stuff to those who need it least is not a good strategy. That trickle-down bullshit has been discredited again and again. Didn’t work in the eighties when David Stockman and King Ronnie first foisted it on the American people, didn’t work when George W. Bush was President and will not work now. But I’m certain that Hillary is going to give it her best shot. It’s quite possible that, if elected, she will face the same level of obstruction that has plagued President Obama from day one; I’m not hopeful about ultimate success, but I’m sure she’s ready for that fight.

There is so much one could say as we reflect upon this historic moment; journos and pundits are laboring mightily at that task now as the Convention winds down and we hurtle headlong into the really gritty part of this election. For my part, I just want to remember that as I watch events unfold in this, my twelfth Presidential election, we could be taking in a singular event in our shared history. I fervently hope that Hillary will be our first woman President; I think we’re going to make it happen. It may well be that others will follow in her footsteps. But whether that’s how it unfolds or not, I’m certain that the election of 2016 will have moments–many moments–the like of which we’ll never see again.

No more convention-watching and blogging for me tonight. For a more in-depth look at the story of Hillary’s ground-breaking nomination, follow this link.

3 Comments on “Hillary Makes History

  1. I’m actually scared of a Trump presidency. And not because I’m a Democrat (it really irks me how quick people are to label one another politically based on the loosest of information; I’m an Independent and always have been). I am really in full agreement with Washington. He believed political parties were wrong, detrimental–even possibly dangerous–for a new nation determined to self-rule. (Seriously–why would we risk/sacrifice so much to get the boot of Great Britain off our neck only to replace it with a different foot that is just as dictatorial?)

    There isn’t a single thing about Donald Trump that augers well for this country. IMO everything about him makes him one of the worst-suited potential POTUSs in my lifetime. His temperament, megalomaniac tendencies, arrogance, inability to ignore criticism, unwillingness to compromise, lack of self-control, tendency to brag about himself (that he actually said he could stand in Time Square and SHOOT people and still win the Party’s nomination? Appalling.), none of them qualities I want in a president regardless party affiliation.

    You cannot call him a flip-flopper because it isn’t that public opinion or polling has him changing his mind constantly. It’s that he can’t hold onto a position or belief in the first place because he has no idea what he’s doing, no clear vision (or idea how to pay for any of it) for HOW to make this country great again, how to bring jobs back to the U.S. No detailed plans about ANYTHING beyond Hillary would be bad for the country.

    I am not a big Hillary fan, but when I close my eyes and visualize both as president, I see Arlington Cemetery when I think of a President Trump. Enough of our young men and women have died fighting wars that should have never been started. We don’t need Trump putting us precariously on the brink of yet another war.


    • Donald Drumpf is a dick. A first-class dick. Everlasting hate and contempt be upon him. Committed to doing what a can to make sure the Ochre Ogre never sets foot in the White House.

      Appreciate the comments. Really!


  2. Bulldog, I’ve enjoyed reading your blogs. They are well organized and quite articulate. I agree that the worst thing for this country right now is Donald Dump. Nevertheless, Hillary Clinton has a track record that I find questionable. I really do not want to get into the specifics at this time. However, having only the choice between Clinton and Dump, I’d will vote for Clinton.


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