Our Olympic Athletes Can’t Get Coffee?

I just can’t believe this. Oh my God! No frickin’ java for our Olympic athletes? Well, even though it’s hard to take in, this incredible story is true. I’ve found Mother Jones to be a reliable source of news on the internet. And it’s  Mother Jones that came up with this mind-blowing scoop. I can’t face the morning without at least one scoop.

It seems that Coca-Cola is the villan here. You can get lots of Coke at the games; but not one cup o’ Joe. Not a good state of affairs. If I were one of our intrepid olympians, I wouldn’t stand for it.

To get the complete low-down, follow this link.

Someone needs to notify the American contact for the I.O.C. right now! It’s time to kick some ass! God, this kind of thing sets me off!

Well, I’ve got to end this rant and get percolating; if I don’t get my second cup, I’m gonna hurt somebody!


Bulldog Ben, reaching for the scoop


© Benjamin Lawrence Basile

Photo credit Benjamin Lawrence Basile


2 Comments on “Our Olympic Athletes Can’t Get Coffee?

    • I guess we’ve all been going for the gold in that event for years! And to think it all starts up again in a few hours… Yikes! Thanks for coming over and thanks for the comment. Checking out your blog in a minute…


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