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Drink Java, Live Longer

I just finished another delicious, life-giving cup of coffee. I’ve always known my regular obsessive consumption of the juice of the sacred bean had beneficial effects. And a recently-published study confirms it… again! With or without added sugar, I hasten to add. Here’s to… Continue Reading “Drink Java, Live Longer”

Thought this day would never…

I’ve been going through that awesome, suitably vintage-y Peanuts desk calendar I love so well, counting the days until… until TODAY! Because it’s the 29th of September, National Coffee Day! Yeah, it IS a big deal for this juiced-up java head! I loves me… Continue Reading “Thought this day would never…”

The Juice of the Sacred Bean

This puppy loves coffee! My Mom got me hooked on black coffee when I was only twelve. I’ve always believed it was good for me. Studies that show that the juice of the sacred bean can be a boon for one’s health are not hard to… Continue Reading “The Juice of the Sacred Bean”

I’ve been waiting for this!

It was beginning to seem like September 29th was never going to come around! Finally! It’s National Coffee Day,  you juiced-up Java heads! Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m heading back to the kitchen. My second pot is brewing right now and I’m going… Continue Reading “I’ve been waiting for this!”

Second Trip to Achilles Art Cafe in Orlando

I made it back to Achilles Art Cafe today and the good service and truly unique atmosphere have not changed at all. That’s a good thing. The hours have changed, however; they no longer open one Saturday per month. If you’d like to read… Continue Reading “Second Trip to Achilles Art Cafe in Orlando”

Our Olympic Athletes Can’t Get Coffee?

I just can’t believe this. Oh my God! No frickin’ java for our Olympic athletes? Well, even though it’s hard to take in, this incredible story is true. I’ve found Mother Jones to be a reliable source of news on the internet. And it’s… Continue Reading “Our Olympic Athletes Can’t Get Coffee?”