Fave Fotos: My Pigeon Friend from Crane Creek Streaks By

I was very pleased with the pix from that visit to Crane Creek Promenade in Melbourne. The one featuring Pete the Pigeon doing Warp 10 right past my face just might be the best one from that afternoon.

I’ll let you decide. It certainly is a fave of mine.

This park is known for being a spot where one can spot manatees; I didn’t have the good fortune to see any of those guys, but had decent luck with the pigeons.

By the way, the wall art adorning the back wall of a business on the street where the park is located is not a part of the park itself. But you see the murals easily once you’re on the park grounds. I loved them. I’ll make a couple of them a part of this posting, too. You may have seen those pix already two posts before this one.

It’s way later than I thought. Time for me to make short work of a grilled cheese, power down this computer and get some shut-eye!


Photo credit Benjamin Lawrence Basile


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