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Something tells me…

…it’s all happening at the zoo! And our visit last week confirmed how true that is. Had a chance to visit The Brevard Zoo again just a few days ago. This fine Central Florida zoo–like most in the country–closed back in March. It reopened… Continue Reading “Something tells me…”

You Can’t Go to the Zoo Today

Going to zoos is — without a doubt — one of my most favorite ways to spend an afternoon. But, as you know well, it’s something we just can’t do today. Fortunately, I’ve been to zoos many, many times and have some good photos… Continue Reading “You Can’t Go to the Zoo Today”

Fave Fotos: Two Fish Friends

This photo of two fish hangin’ out together is a 2016 shot of mine taken at the Brevard Zoo in Melbourne, Florida. I’ve always liked it and thought I’d feature it on the blog today. It matches the languid, lazy feel of this fine… Continue Reading “Fave Fotos: Two Fish Friends”

Fave Fotos: Crow with Attitude at The Brevard Zoo

And speaking of the Brevard Zoo! That Fave Foto is a pic I love from my trip to the Brevard Zoo three or four weeks ago that I think is well worth a look. This dude has a ‘tude, wouldn’t you say? That was… Continue Reading “Fave Fotos: Crow with Attitude at The Brevard Zoo”

Bulldog Really, Really Loves the Brevard Zoo

I really love going to the zoo. I’ve been to four zoological parks in the last couple of years. And even though I can say I liked them all, I must add that the Brevard Zoo in Melboure is definitely my favorite. One advantage… Continue Reading “Bulldog Really, Really Loves the Brevard Zoo”

Bob Evans in Melbourne Is a Not To Be Missed Dining Experience

There is a Bob Evans location in Melbourne right off I-95. The Wickham Rd exit to help you zero in on that unit. It’s a fine establishment and I recommend it without hesitation. Let me say that I’ve been to three locations in this… Continue Reading “Bob Evans in Melbourne Is a Not To Be Missed Dining Experience”

Fave Fotos: My Pigeon Friend from Crane Creek Streaks By

I was very pleased with the pix from that visit to Crane Creek Promenade in Melbourne. The one featuring Pete the Pigeon doing Warp 10 right past my face just might be the best one from that afternoon. I’ll let you decide. It certainly… Continue Reading “Fave Fotos: My Pigeon Friend from Crane Creek Streaks By”

Fave Fotos: Crane Creek Promenade in Melbourne

  I’m on vacation right at the moment. Will visit some great settings for photography before I have to turn myself in next Tuesday. I visited Crane Creek Promenade in Melbourne two or three vacations ago. Liked the pix I got while I was… Continue Reading “Fave Fotos: Crane Creek Promenade in Melbourne”

Very Good Experience at the Days Inn in Melbourne

I booked the Days Inn in Melbourne recently. To be honest, it was 15 minutes away from my objective. That would be Cocoa Beach, my frequent weekend getaway. Rates for beach front hotels in the middle of summer are crazy. So I decided to… Continue Reading “Very Good Experience at the Days Inn in Melbourne”