They’re Back in Black!

If you read Bulldog’s rant about the white unis worn by the Knights on opening day, you might be thinking to yourself: “what’s wrong with a White Knight?”

He just didn’t like the blinding whiteness of it all and the fact that it made the numbers on the players’ backs almost impossible to read. Yes, he went too far. Ranted too long.

But today, all is right in the world again. The Knights are Back in Black! Yay!


Bulldog Ben Basile


Full Foto Disclosure: This amazing photograph Ben took of the Knights in their awesome black-on-black togs is from the 2016 season. But that’s what they wore Saturday night in the rematch with FAMU which they won 1-0. Ben can get on with his life again!


Photo credit Benjamin Lawrence Basile

The photo at the bottom is an official UCF photo. It shows UCF Ace Hurler Shelby Turnier wearing the best Knights’ uni ever in a game with the Gators from last year’s season. As you may know, Shelby is now pitching in the NPF with the Chicago Bandits. The Pros kick off their season in early June shortly after the College Softball World Series wraps up.

2016 UCFSB vs. UF
2016 UCFSB vs. UF

Photo of Shelby Turnier UCF Athletics used with permission



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