Winter Park Fish Company. Big Crowd. Mediocre Food.

Finally had a chance to visit the Winter Park Fish Co. and I must say I was not impressed.

Whenever I get to a new Seafood spot, I have to order the Fish Tacos. I did and I was disappointed. I’ve sampled fish tacos from about a dozen different eateries, and liked ’em all. Struck out at WPFC.

Their approach to this usually can’t-fail dish is to scatter a ridiculous amount of cheddar cheese over the taco to finish it. I can’t imagine why. Didn’t like it. I was given a sample of some freshly-made chicken salad and crackers they had whipped up that day. That was tasty.

The service was about as good as the taco. In their defense, let me say that they were getting slammed at the time I was seated. But it was bad. Couldn’t get attention from my server no matter what I did and it took an eternity to pay my check and get out.

I hasten to add that this spot is very popular with folks in Winter Park. They have a great location and seem busy anytime I happen to pass by. The parking can be an issue, the lot is rather small.

I want to get back when I can and give them another try. I will if I can. And I’ll order something other than the fish tacos.


Photo credit Benjamin Lawrence Basile


Winter Park Fish Co. ~ 761 N. Orange Ave ~ Winter Park, FL 32789 ~ Call 407 622-6112



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