Bob Evans in Melbourne Is a Not To Be Missed Dining Experience

There is a Bob Evans location in Melbourne right off I-95. The Wickham Rd exit to help you zero in on that unit. It’s a fine establishment and I recommend it without hesitation.

Let me say that I’ve been to three locations in this well-known chain and have never had a bad dining experience. But this is one of those times that everything went well. Very well.

I’m not the easiest diner to please; I spent many years working in the restaurant business and I know my way around the kitchen and the dining room. I really, really hate bad service. And, honestly, my visit two days ago to the Melbourne location was about as perfect as you can get.

I’m a creature of habit and often have one or two orders at a lot of the eateries I like; Bob Evans is no exception. I just love the Pot Roast. Had it again and it was divine.

The service I received was first-rate. Shelly, Jennifer and the management staff treated me like a king. I must say that it was not busy when I visited; I try to hit most establishments when they’re not blowing up. But good service is good service and it’s one of the reasons I like the B.E. chain so well and don’t mind saying so.

You’ll find that all Bob Evans are family-friendly and that the variety on the menu is very good. If you’re not like me and order lots of different stuff, your taste buds are not likely to be jaded for a while.

One other thing I like about this particular one: it’s right around the corner from the Brevard Zoo. I’m an annual pass holder to that very cool place and I’ll bet that a big chunk of their business comes from other zoo lovers. If you’re visiting the zoo or just find yourself in Melbourne, stop in. It won’t be your last visit.


Bob Evans ~ 100 Sheriff Way ~ Melbourne, Florida 32940 ~ Call 321 757 5014


Photo credit Benjamin Lawrence Basile

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